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  • 5.00

    BY: Beat

    DATE: Feb 22, 2016

    Graceful Off-shoulder Inset Bodice Lace Bridal Dress


    Before I found this wonderful dress, I had seen hundreds of different dresses. It seemed that there was many options, but in reality, there was few satisfying ones. At the first glance of this dress, I was stunning and screamed , what an amazing wedding dress! At first, I was worried there were not my size. But it proved my concern was really redundant. It was perfectly suitable for and totally showed my body shape off. The lace bodice was my favourite place. I got so many compliments on my wedding. It was really my dreaming dress!
  • 5.00

    BY: lea.l

    DATE: Oct 22, 2016

    Glamorous Uniform Style Wedding Dress With Waistband and ...

    Wonderful dress!

    I could not imagine that there was so beautiful wedding dress in reality. After seeing this dress, I felt others were wrong and not flattering. I was deeply fascinated with it. It had striked a perfect balance among elegance, classics and beauty. It was the dreams of women to own such a scrumptuous wedding dress. The waistband perfectly oulined my body shape. It was not so heavy than what I had thought before. I was so lucky to have a chance in my life to wear such an amazing dress, that was enough, what else did I want?
  • 4.00

    BY: LucilleSorapuru

    DATE: Oct 19, 2016

    Wonderful Sweep Sweetheart Fishtail Gown

    great for outdoor wedding

    This dress really did not make me disappointed. I could not have been more pleased with it - it was absolutely perfect! My wedding theme was elegant and classic in Cathedral , and this dress so romantic and special so it worked perfectly. I chose the white color, ths result was that it looked very beautiful . My guests gave me a lot of compliments and commented that I was just like a princess. It was really a combination of elegance and classics! I could not recommend thisone enough!
  • 5.00

    BY: Mary Najar

    DATE: Oct 15, 2016

    Wedding Dress With Ruching and Embellished Sash

    Only love

    Loved it so much! Got married half a year ago, but still wanted to say some compliments on this dress! When I saw it for the first time, I did not think too much and bought. I could not have thought that I made such a rapid decision. I wore a size 10 one, and it was perfect for me. You could make some change or add some accessories, such as the headpiece would really set this dress off and made it more special. It wore comfortable and not heavy. In a word, this wonderful dress was the one that I was looking for ever and owned now!
  • 5.00

    BY: lprewitt

    DATE: Oct 09, 2016

    Wonderful Strapless Multi-layered Lace Wedding Dress


    Originally, I wanted a gown with a little detail, but the moment that I saw this dress, I had decided immediately to get one. It wore so comfortable and not so heavy. I loved its style very much. The lace bodice was great. One dress without detail and embellishment could also be so perfect. I got a lot of compliments on my weddng day. They commented that it seemed that I walked on the cloud.This dress was a perfect combination of elegance and luxury. I would highly recommend this wonderful dress.
  • 5.00

    BY: Gwen

    DATE: Sep 25, 2016

    Amazing Off-shoulder Ruffled Long Wedding Dress With Low-V ...

    So classic

    I had seen hundreds of wedding dresses before I met with this one. I just wanted to find a flattering one. I was so happy that I got it! This wonderful dress was impressive and stunning. It perfectly outlined my body curves. It gave the viewers a feeling of elegance. I loved ths ivory color, it looked so clean and pure. Among many sizes, I chose 8. It was so suitable for me. I suggested you to add a sash or belt, it would be better. I could not wait to wear it on my big day!
  • 5.00

    BY: Suzanne Bennett

    DATE: Sep 04, 2016

    Glamorous V-neck A-line Wedding Dress

    So many compliments!

    I'm not a person who likes to write reviews, but for this wonderful dress, I really wants to say something! I saw it online one month ago, I could not describe how excited I was at that time. I ordered and it arrived so quickly. As soon as it arrived, I put it on. Luckily, it was so suitable for my body shape and there was no any alterations. The V-neckline gave a little sexy feeling, it was fine. I recommended it to my sisters. I believe that all women that saw it will be impressive and stunning. Do not miss it!
  • 5.00


    DATE: Nov 30, 2016

    3-4 Sleeve Lace-appliqued Mermaid Wedding Dress

    The dress looks amazing!!! It doesn't look exactly

    The dress looks amazing!!! It doesn't look exactly like he picture but hey I'm not a 6'0 tall model. And you get an amazing dress that is an amazing price! If I had to do it again I would order from doriswedding.com every time! I love it! And it was fast delivery after the tailoring process! It fit me perfectly! I added the belt for extra bling! :) thank you so much for my perfect dress! I felt like a million dollars!
  • 5.00

    BY: Sreedharan

    DATE: Nov 28, 2016

    Mermaid Lace Long Dress With Keyhole Bodice

    Very nice

    This is such a wonderful dress and when I ordered it I made sure I did not leave any stone unturned so that will become a mistake.. a disaster precisely as it was my wedding dress… As my wedding was two months away, I was not rushing on the delivery date. But, still the delivery was made earlier than expected..
  • 5.00

    BY: Jennifer V

    DATE: Nov 30, 2016

    Floor Length Lace Wedding Dress With Keyhole Back

    Beautiful dress!

    If you're a bride on budget, it is an excellent purchase for such a cheap price. It looks exactly as it is in picture or even better than it is in the picture. True to the description and colour a wonderful purchase, you can just go ahead without any second thoughts.
  • 5.00

    BY: Dibella

    DATE: Nov 30, 2016

    Three Quarter Illusion Sleeve Jewel Neck A-Line Chiffon ...

    I always wanted to wear something different as a bride. I did not wanted to wear the dresses my sisters wore for their wedding, so I looked online as trendy wedding dresses in cheap price and found this . this dress is gorgeous and I think this is a dream wedding dress.

  • 5.00

    BY: BeckyWilson

    DATE: Nov 30, 2016

    Vintage Inspired Scallooped-Edge Neckline Column Lace Bridal ...

    Love It. Perfect Fit

    I sent my measurements and the dress fits perfectly. I ordered in June because they said to order well in advance, and it came in much sooner than I expected. Well packaged and just beautiful!! Awesome experience. I would order again.
  • 5.00

    BY: Rose Tarquinio

    DATE: Nov 30, 2016

    Elegant Long-sleeve Sweetheart Wedding Dress With Lace ...

    like Everything about it

    Wow! I was deeply obessed with this dress . Perfect in everything and catered to my taste.Delicately workmanship, wonderful lines, clean color. It was much lighter than I had thought about which was a huge plus for choosing it. I was tall and slim .I was lucky that I chose the approporiate one I loved the back very much. My cousin's weddingwas this summer and I could not be happier that this scrumptious dress is hanging in my closet. Just make this dress in your list Ypu were certain to find it was really a right decision
  • 5.00

    BY: Ruthann McKenzie

    DATE: Nov 30, 2016

    Queen Anne Neck Beaded Wedding Dress With Chapel Train

    5beautiful dress

    It is a perfectly fitting dress and I am in complete love with it. The shipping was superfast and there is nothing that I can find fault with the dress. I'm definitely going to look beautiful on my wedding day.
  • 5.00

    BY: Coreen J.

    DATE: Nov 30, 2016

    Sexy A-Line Long Dress With Illusion Back and Long Sleeves


    Feels like a Cindrella's dress!

Wedding Dresses for Tall Brides

Successful wedding planning requires a balancing act to avoid the pitfalls of stress and frustration. At our store we’d like to offer our firm support to find just the dress with poise and grace. Let us light the path to the ultimate goal by giving an even handed selection of styles to choose from that will be fresh everyday with a vision of stunning beauty. Read More >>

Our wedding dresses for tall brides are designed with an understanding that adjustments must be made and that sometimes why not step outside of the box. Fortunately, it is quite common for designers to use six foot tall or taller models as their inspiration for new wedding gown designs. This means that often times, wedding dresses tend to fit taller women of different sizes better than shorter women.

Some initial considerations to keep in mind when looking at wedding dresses for tall brides is that the shoes, if high heels, will obviously add a lot more to height. By choosing a floor length gown and wearing flats brides can avoid increasing stature if this is a concern. Also, the height of hair can contribute to other’s perception of the tallness. Wearing hair down will diminish prominence.

Wedding dresses for tall brides will look best when a sheath style is chosen. This is because a sheath style drapes straight down the body to the floor, which creates a slim look that beautifully compliments the figures of tall ladies.

Want to look for something that accentuates sensual side or something more traditionally elegant? The wedding dresses for tall brides at our store are sure to contain a match. Let the inner beauty of girls be gracefully drawn out with our well designed selections. We would be honored to help to move into the next chapter of life with one of our gowns that blend the traditional with contemporary innovations to overcome mundane and banal fashion.

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