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Open Back Prom Dresses (214)

We found 214 items of Open Back Prom Dresses!

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Open Back Prom Dresses

There is something exceedingly alluring about a woman’s back revealed artistically. Dresses that show off your back satisfy the bold adventurer in you. Our Open Back Prom Dresses make you look sensuous and charming. You can choose a backless long dress for that elegant regal appearance, or a short one for the glam girl look. Read More >>

All backless dresses are not the same. Our Open Back Prom Dresses are available in many varieties. Think style, think newness, think fantasy! From rounded scoop edge in the lower back to the classic nothingness, the choice is virtually limitless. No matter which length and style you choose, these Open Back Prom Dresses are winners all the way.

We love making prom dresses, and it shows in the design and the materials we lovingly put together to add glitter to your night. We will be happy to customize an open back prom dress for you. Click on a dress that you like and let us know how you want it modified. Whether you want to add embellishments or play with the length, we are here to assist you in any way. Our commitment to make your party memorable does not end here. We will ship your dress safely packed with care, looking and smelling fresh and ready to wear.

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